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September Round-Up! Summer went by so fast...but we’re delighted to finally be back doing what we do best! This month, our coaches have been travelling up and down the country focusing on two key programmes.

EXPLORE PE PROGRAMME – Working closely in line with CCEA curriculum for foundation, KS1 and KS2 children, our Explore PE programme aims to deliver age relevant PE sessions that focus on child development. This unique programme has received significant engagement from schools throughout Northern Ireland, with our highly skilled coaches focusing specifically on each child’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. At Burns Skills School we truly believe in the power that sport and exercise can have on each child’s life, and it is our focus to instil a love for exercise that lasts much beyond their years at school. Each week we are focusing on a specific theme and key topics for each stage of learning to facilitate development within a fun learning environment. Foundation and Key Stage One - September – Underarm and Overarm Throwing, Body Management Skills, Gymnastics

Key Stage Two – September – Invasion games, passing and receiving, Body Management Skills, Gymnastics

AFTER SCHOOLS PROGRAMME – Having our after schools programme back up and running has been a real boost for children, schools and coaches alike. It has been so rewarding to see children interact socially with their peers again, within a fun, safe learning environment. Our vast array of programmes, ranging from Soccer, to Hip- Hop and Snag Golf, ensure that we cater for a wide variety of interests and ability levels. It is our belief at Burns Skills School that children should be exposed to a variety of sports at a young age, ultimately ensuring that they develop a sound base of fundamental movement skills that are transferable between sports. There has been significant recent research to suggest the benefits of children playing multiple sports, allowing them to develop important life skills such as problem solving, teamwork and responsibility. Additionally, it has been said that, participation in multiple sports has significant physical benefits developing core transferable skills such as, agility, muscular and skeletal strength and hand/eye coordination. If you feel like your school could benefit from our Explore PE and After Schools Programmes, or you simply want to find out more information, then please get in touch via To follow our progress and for more updates on the programmes we have to offer, please check out our social media outlets.

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