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Explore PE

Our Explore PE programme has been catching the eye of many teachers in primary schools all across Northern Ireland. Explore PE aims to assist schools with their physical education lessons and provide a platform for children to learn the core movements and skills within the PE curriculum. Each child will have the opportunity to explore, plan, practice, improve, perform, evaluate and appreciate the performance of themselves and others.


  • BSS aim to develop simple movement explorations and performances to INCREASE competence, control, co-ordination and spatial awareness in a range of physical movement skills. This will FURTHER AID children to refine, extend and perform skills with improved accuracy and consistency. 

  • BSS assist children in responding to stimuli and DEVELOPING their responses in movement by exploring, creating and performing movement phrases. 

  • BSS provide ideal OPPORTUNITIES children to make decisions, observe, appreciate, discuss and evaluate the movement of themselves and others and recognise what makes a good performance. 

  • BSS assist in the HEALTHY growth and development of the cardio respiratory system as well as bones and muscles.

  • BSS help children EXPERIENCE a variety of warm up and cool down activities to understand the reason for preparing our bodies for exercise.

  • BSS aims to EVOLVE emotional and meant well-being via carefully structured lesson plans.


Worldwide, physical inactivity is estimated to be the primary cause of approximately 21%-25% of breast and colon cancers, 27% of diabetes and approximately 30% of ischaemic heart disease. Source - World Health Organisation (WHO)


The programme is run over 12 weeks and covers the the following topics: athletics, dance, gymnastics, target & court games, striking & fielding games and invasion games. The session plans are all tailored to each year group and centred heavily around the Northern Ireland primary school curriculum. This programme has been put together by passionate professionals in the aim of creating competent and confident movers for now and the future. If you would like to hear more or even better get signed up for the programme please contact

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