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APRIL 2024

Updated: May 10

April Round-Up! NERF Wars are live…... April has seen the addition of NERF Wars to our after school provision. During our NERF Wars club, children are given the opportunity to use their team work and problem solving skills whilst operating our foam blasting toys. Strategy is very much at the forefront of this club, where children must try to capture flags, eliminate opponents and out smart their peers.

2024 Summer Camp Release – We released our summer camp locations, which are now open for registration. We will be running camps all acorss Northern Ireland starting from Monday 1st July and ending Friday 23rd August. Our camps will include, Multi Sport, Dance & Gymnastics, LEGO, Minecraft, NERF Wars, SEAG Transfer Test and Euro 2024 Football Celebrations plus much more.

If you feel your school could benefit from any of our programmes, After School Club, Holiday Camps, Curriculum Support, Explore PE, Creative Corner or maybe you simply want to find out more information about Burns Skills School, then please get in touch via

To follow our progress and for more updates on the programmes we have to offer, please check out our social media outlets.

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