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Heart to Heart

A healthy heart is something we’re very passionate about at Burns Skills School. Directors Aaron & Andrew’s own father sadly passed away in 2021 due to heart problems. Now with the knowledge and assistance of the British Heart Foundation we have designed a multifunctional, child friendly programme which will give children a firm understanding of what a healthy heart is and why it is so important.


  • BSS aims to INCREASE the knowledge and understanding of the human heart with assistance from the British Heart Foundation.

  • BSS assist children in understanding how blood flows to and from the heart. Children also LEARN the difference in oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood and its importance within the body. 

  • BSS aims to equip each child with the KNOWLEDGE and technique of CPR. Why a person may become unconscious and the steps to take to help save their life.​

  • BSS help each child UNDERSTAND what defibrillation means and how to use a de-fib machine in case of an emergency.

  • BSS aim to CHANGE local pathways for heart and circulatory diseases by emphasising the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

  • BSS provide important life skills that allow children to become more CONFIDENT and valued members of society, now and for the future.


Worldwide, physical inactivity is estimated to be the primary cause of approximately 21%-25% of breast and colon cancers, 27% of diabetes and approximately 30% of ischaemic heart disease. Source - World Health Organisation (WHO)


The programme is run over 5 weeks and covers the the following topics: athletics, dance, gymnastics, target & court games, striking & fielding games and invasion games. The session plans are all tailored to each year group and centred heavily around the Northern Ireland primary school curriculum. This programme has been put together by passionate professionals in the aim of creating competent and confident movers for now and the future. If you would like to hear more or even better get signed up for the programme please contact

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