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Just 1

Aimed at Primary 6 and Primary 7 children, the Just1 programme has been created to develop and deepen reconciliation between divided communities, increase tolerance and respect, promote community cohesion and address the legacy of the past. Designed in accordance with The PEACE IV programme, and with problem solving at its centre, the programme has 5 different strands to choose from, each lasting 4 hours. 


  • Ensure that sharing in education becomes a central part of every child’s educational experience by PROVIDING opportunities for the sustained interaction of children from different backgrounds.

  • To have positive impacts on intergroup attitudes and behaviours, including a reduction in prejudice and PROMOTION of more harmonious intergroup relations.

  • Build a culture of good relations amongst school children, and equip them with skills and attitudes to CONTRIBUTE to a society where the cycle of sectarianism and intolerance is broken.

  • Promote the efficient and effective use of resources to BROADEN each child's understanding of shared education within Northern Ireland.

  • Deliver educational BENEFITS to children and young persons through physical activity. 

  • Provide children the opportunity to participate in a range of sporting activities in a SHARED environment. 


By June 2019, 61% of Northern Ireland's primary, post primary, and special schools were involved in Shared Education programmes, with approximately one quarter of the pupil population taking part. Source - Ulster University


The programme is run over a 4 hour period and covers the the following topics: PDMU, target & court games, striking & fielding games and invasion games. The session plans are all tailored to primary 6 & 7 and centred heavily around the PEACE IV initiative. This programme has been put together by passionate professionals to deepen econciliation between divided communities. If you would like to hear more or even better get signed up for the programme please contact

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